Les Petits Soleils French Preschool

Parent Orientation
We will hold a few parent orientation sessions in September via Zoom. Parents choose the date of the meeting that they will attend on their child's registration form. It is mandatory that one parent attend one of these meetings to ensure that parents fully understand all details of the program, and as well the expectations for parent involvement.

To ensure attendance, we require authorization to charge $25.00 to your credit card. This charge will only be processed should you not attend a parent orientation meeting.

Parent Involvement
Please note that, as Les Petits SoleilsInc is a private business, parents are not required to participate in any fundraising ventures or hold a volunteer position as a board member.

Parents are not expected to have any knowledge of the French language.

Within Covid mitigation intentions, we no longer offer a snack time and therefore have eliminated our snack rotation. We also cannot allow parents into the school to contribute to cleaning so we have eliminated our cleaning nights, replacing them with a mandatory $50 PPE fee per child.