Les Petits Soleils French Preschool

We just wanted to tell you how much our family has enjoyed the total of 4 years that the kids have shared with you at Petits Soleils! They have so enjoyed the programming, have learned a ton of French and really loved all the songs! I love to hear them singing in French around the house. Not having any French in our home, I was a bit nervous, but I now know my kids will thrive in French Immersion! Thanks for all the extras: fieldtrips, concerts, bbqs and special nights. It has been a great start to our children's education and we would recommend the program to anyone!

The Boswell Family (Ethan 2007 & 2008, Kate 2008 & 2009)

Les Petits Soleils Preschool was a great experience for my son and a very enjoyable experience for me as a parent. I know my son can be very challenging at times, more so than the average student, as he is very active and aggressive. I found that Mme Kathryn was amazingly patient with him and very honest, open and respectful with me, which I really appreciated. My son looked forward to going to school and that is a good thing, I know this because this year he was in Kindergarten, at a different school, and he really did not enjoy going at all. I loved the program; it is structured and a very friendly place to introduce your child to school. I am sending my second child to the preschool in September 2010 and I wouldn't want to send him elsewhere as I know he will be well cared for.

The Wall Family (Leander 2008, Addison 2010)

I have a daughter with severe allergies to milk and peanuts. The preschool has been incredibly supportive in this and I have felt safe leaving my daughter in their care. I am really grateful that she has had the opportunity to go to this preschool because my daughter loves it.

The Paananen Family (Isabelle 2009)

I think that Arden's time at LPS has helped her blossom into a confident, outgoing little girl who uses consensus and cooperation when playing. Her time at LPS will help a great deal with her transition into kindergarten. She's been in a safe and loving environment, and knowing that helps a great deal when we drop her off each day. The program is highly structured in routine, so everyone involved knows what to expect. This further helps the students to feel safe and comfortable parting from their parents. Finally, the fact that Riley's starting there next year speaks to the success that we feel Arden has had during her time at LPS!

The Slywka Family (Arden 2008 & 2009, Riley 2010 & 2011)

My daughter Aaliyah loves attending preschool at Les Petits Soleils! She is always very proud that she is in French Immersion and tells everyone. She enjoys singing her French songs whenever we have company over. She says her favorite part is having show-and-tell and she also loves having a job to do. The crafts that she brings home are great as well. I have enjoyed volunteering at the preschool and being able to sit in to observe the class. The class is very organized, the staff is friendly, nurturing, and helpful, and I like that I am always kept up to date with a monthly calendar and newsletter. I think this is an excellent preschool and would, without a doubt, recommend it to anyone interested in a French program.

The Leskie Family (Aaliyah 2009 & 2010, Myan 2011)

Both my children have grown so much at Les Petits Soleils Preschool; not only verbally in French, but in confidence, imagination, and in problem solving. As a teacher myself, I recognize the value in all of these skills. I highly recommend them to anyone!

The Bowling Family (Drew 2008 & 2009, Courtney 2009 & 2010)

We were very impressed with the organization of the program, both in the classroom with the children, and via email and cubby boxes to parents. My husband and I both had the opportunity to volunteer numerous times in the class and on field trips, and were amazed with how much the children learned each day in a fun, safe, and positive environment. Jordan looked forward to preschool each week - he loved the structure and variety of activities that took place.

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The Plemel Family (Jordan 2008 & 2009, Sydney 2010 & 2011)

Les Petits Soleils preschool is like no other. My daughter is currently enrolled in a francophone Kindergarten and I know, without a doubt, that her experience at Les Petits Soleils helped her to flourish and grow and gave her the preparation she needed to truly excel, all in French, in school this year. Mme Kathryn and the rest of the staff are so loving, warm, inviting and fun.

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The Homeniuk Family (Kloey 2012 & 2013, Koen 2014)

My son, the youngest of four, attended Les Petits Soleils Preschool in its first two operational years. I wish my other three children could have had the same opportunity to experience such a natural and comfortable introduction to school and the French language. Mme Kathryn's boundless energy and creative ability captivate all learners. Comprehensive daily planning, communicating, delivering, and supervising support the program philosophy.

Michael Family (Jock 2006 & 2007)

My son attended the 3 & 4 year-old programs at Les Petits Soleils preschool. He is now in Grade One and still talks so fondly of his preschool teachers. The classroom setting is so bright, open and "fun"... he loved going every single time and the second that door opened, he would be running to get in. Mme Kathryn was always at the door, ready to greet each and every student with a big smile and a friendly "Bonjour" and always took extra time for the kids that were a bit apprehensive to leave mom and dad.

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The Shaw Family (Benjamin 2011 & 2012)

My twin daughters attended both the 3 and the 4 year-old programs at Les Petits Soleils Preschool. I think it was a great introduction to the French language, and prepared my girls for French immersion kindergarten. I liked the teacher's philosophy that children should be having fun and playing, and that it is through these skills that they will learn the French language at their age. My daughters loved going there and I have recommended Les Petits Soleils Preschool to many people!

The Caharel Family (Emmerson & Taylor 2011 & 2012)

My daughter was one of the first students registered with Les Petits Soleils French Preschool. She came from a non-francophone background and the preschool acted as an excellent introduction to the French language and culture. The preschool's program prepared my daughter not only socially for kindergarten but also gave her a strong introduction academically for her french development. She attended the preschool for two years prior to attending French immersion kindergarten at Ecole Campbelltown. Mme Kathryn's enthusiasm fully engaged the class and brought the positive energy needed to nurture a culture of learning. It was a wonderful experience for my daughter as well as myself.

The Inkster Family (Madelaine 2006 & 2007)

My three children have all attended Les Petits Soleils preschool over the last 4 years. Most importantly for me, all three enjoyed going to school and I know they were very well looked after. Mme Kathryn's enthusiasm is contagious and the kids respond so well to her. The consistent daily structure of each class is comforting to the kids and helped them adapt well to a new environment. They were able to start learning basic French in a safe, nurturing environment.

Les Petits Soleils preschool is a wonderful choice with excellent teachers and aides that will be a great start to your children's education.

The Fray Family (Emerson 2011 & 2012, Morgan 2012 & 2013, Grayson 2014)

We were in the middle of a move to Sherwood Park when I discovered Les Petits Soleils. I was so thrilled when a space opened up for my son that I drove him from Edmonton to be a part of this program. I pre-registered my daughter for the Annee 1 program while she was still learning to walk to ensure she had a place when she was old enough! Both my children loved their time at Les Petits Soleils. The atmosphere in the classroom is welcoming and warm, the teachers are approachable, caring and knowledgeable. The kids learned so much through play and fun, they were always eager to go back. After leaving this preschool, my children were well-prepared for their journey into French Immersion at Campbelltown. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone looking for an enriching and nurturing place for their child to learn.

The MacKenzie Family (Parker 2009 & 2010, Paige 2012 & 2013)

My family would like to highly recommend Les Petits Soleils preschool. We have had 3 children attend this preschool over the past 3 years now, and all of our kids would love to have all of the staff there be their teachers forever.

The owner, Madame Kathryn, who is also one of the teachers, is one of the best early childhood educators we have ever met. Madame Kathryn is so engaging, patient, caring, has a sense of humour, and such a passion for helping children learn in a positive environment. Children (and parents) are instantly drawn to her and her enthusiasm and everyone seems to develop an astounding lasting relationship with her.

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The Kaal Family (Cameron 2012 & 2013, Renee & Chelsea 2013 & 2014)

Our girls were ahead of the curve entering Kindergarten after spending time at Les Petits Soleils. Both of our daughters were always excited to go to pre-school because it was an enjoyable and safe experience. From the moment you walk into the school, the kids are warmly welcomed and spend the day in a well-organized environment. To this day, we are grateful our girls received a head start.

The Huntington Family (Alana 2007 & 2008, & Lily 2010)

Les Petits Soleils preschool was a part of our family for five years. Both our children enjoyed their time at the school. They were challenged, nurtured and celebrated. The preschool's curriculum allowed our children to transition easily into Kindergarten. Les Petits Soleils has a wonderful family and community feel. Parents and families are welcomed at preschool events and are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's education; a routine that is so important and beneficial to children as they progress through school. I know that the start that my children received at this preschool was instrumental in setting them on to a successful path in their early education.

The Witte Family (Liam 2006, 2007 & 2008, Abby 2009 & 2010)

I absolutely loved Les Petits Soleils! All 3 of my children attended this preschool and my 4th is registered already for 2018! This program is very well organized and focuses on enhancing every area of a child's development. They run a structured day and the children happily follow the routine.

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The Hill/Wallace Family (Braedon 2006, Dane 2008, Kiara 2011)

When my daughter was 3 years old, she attended the very first session of Petits Soleils and the next year as well. I felt very comfortable leaving "my baby" with the caring and friendly teachers. From the beginning, Petits Soleils was very well-organized: toys, craft supplies, parent involvement and class structure.

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The Cameron Family (Mikaela 2006 & 2007)

We have had all three of our children start their education with Les Petits-Soleils. In fact, two of our children were still 2 years old upon entry to Annee 1 and would not turn 3 until November and December. Having been through the program with our first child, we knew there was nothing to be concerned about. This pre-school really became an extension of our family.

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The Duff Family (Gage 2009 & 2010, Drew 2010 & 2011, Cimery 2012 & 2013)

My two daughters have both attended Les Petits Soleils preschool program. This program lead by Kathryn was a fantastic experience, not only for the children but for me and my wife as well. The kids adapted very quickly to the structure of a school atmosphere eased by the caring attentive teachers. The introduction of French for my kids (that had no previous experience) came naturally and it excited the girls for their integration into the French Immersion program. I felt very welcome and appreciated when volunteering and thoroughly enjoyed the special days such as the "bring your father evening". I highly recommend the Petits Soleils program to any family, and definitely will be sending my third child there soon enough.

The Manah Family (Madelyn 2010 & Gabriella 2011)

We have and will continue to recommend Petits Soleils preschool to anyone interested in having their child go into French Immersion. Both our kids attended Petits Soleils and loved it. My son was in the program for two years and my daughter for only one. Both kids would come come singing French songs, (it took me years to get "Les petits poissons" out of my head!) and telling us how much fun they had. I must admit that the best part was the Father's night where I got to see my child speak and understand French. I will never forget when Mme Kathryn called out my son's name and he said "ici Madame". Both our kids are still in French Immersion and had little to no trouble transitioning into Kindergarten after preschool. It was also a great comfort to know that Madame Kathryn has her B.Ed degree in French, as we know many preschool teachers do not. Send your child to Petits Soleils and you will not have any regrets, even when you have to come to toy cleaning night. :)

The Bagshaw Family (Will 2007 & 2008, Nyah 2011)

Les Petits Soleils Preschool was a godsend to our family. My son struggled with severe separation anxiety. He struggled so much that he was physically ill, cried, and wailed and clung to me. It was heartbreaking. Some schools just take the child and tell you to go. Instead Kathryn worked with us to find ways to make him comfortable, ways to support him, and helped him with strategies to cope with his upset.

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The Cook Family (Dylan 2013)