Les Petits Soleils French Preschool

Sample Daily Schedule
  • 10 minutes    Arrival / free reading time

  • 20 minutes    Circle time / hello routine / attendance / calendar

  • 30 minutes    Craft / play time

  • 30 minutes    Snack / bathroom break

  • 40 minutes    Play time / small group teaching time

  • 15 minutes    Music and movement time

  • 5 minutes      Circle time / story time / good bye routine / departure


  • Arrival / free reading time Children will arrive and go straight to the library area, to choose books for quiet reading time, until all students have arrived.

  • Circle time We will be singing our hello song, taking attendance, and taking turns to complete the calendar, weather and season. Activities for the day will be explained and monthly theme-based books read. This will also be when children present their show-and-tell.

  • Craft / play time The class will create a craft together once a week (with an adult supervising each table). Once their craft is complete, they have free-play time. A craft centre is available daily for those children that wish to complete thier own small crafts.

  • Snack / bathroom break Before snack, children will be taken to the washroom to wash their hands and use the facilities. The whole group will then have snack together and learn the French vocabulary for the food they are eating.

  • Play time / small group teaching time - Students will have time to play freely in one of the available centres. Children will be asked to come and work on small-group learning activities with the teacher and the other adults in the classroom. At the end of this time, children will be asked to help clean up all the toys.

  • Music and movement time Students will be exploring music and movement through teacher-led activities, such as singing, dancing, instrument playing, rhythm exploration and games.

  • Circle time / farewell We will read a short story, talk about the day and sing our goodbye song.